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Do you really want your critical application to collapse? Leaving your customers without an access to your services.

Certainly not.

At InSoft Design, we think that a distributed architecture is the answer to achieve a perfect reliability along with a cuting edge performance and a great scalabitily.

In the cloud or on premise, the very last innovations in software engineering like micro-services, service discovery, load balancing and real time monitoring are here to help you.

For your mission critical architecture, we advise a set open source technologies along with the best practice in project management.

Development: Java, Spring Boot, gRPC.

Middleware: Consul, Traefik, Docker Swarm.

Front: Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript.

Continuous Integration: Gitlab, Nexus, Gitlab CI.

Production: Graylogs, Citus Postgres, Prometheus / Grafana.

As we perceive project management, it embraces several aspects:

Financial: permanently monitor the financial health of the project.

Human: making sure all actors of the project feel comfortable with their role.

Business: getting feedbacks from the final users to ensure no information was lost.

Development: follow the different phases and make sure all the technical pitfalls have been addressed.

Operations: ensure the infrastructure is ready to accept the deployment of the new solution.

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